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Terry began to see regularly, I call on my cell phone so I know where I'd parked at night and if I could, I would like to visit. A He loved to take me to luxury hotels, to take a look suits me. My skirts were shorter went to see the covers below and had to put in ztod the foreground are, because only broke. Instead get a tan ztod allover week. Terry had thoght I looked great but I felt a little cheap, but it was used to it. The end of the night was always the same, back to the truck bed and feed the Terry brand new and a half inches in me. It would take at least three times before returning to my care. The first of its runs swollow me, but I always passed. I had finished a constant pain in my body and stem from the abuse, was different. People at work tease me and told me it was as if my vibrator was to me. If they only knew! My number of days of sick leave was, but thank God my new style of dress increaseroasting employs a remarkable level so all in all, I could combine my two ways of life, although I was aware of that are closer, with several buyers make very obvious for large orders in exchange for that you know what. It says a lot about the new me where I can not say no, but I thought it was going to avoid that encases my sales have gone through a rough patch. One thing that does not go without you, Terry. when we went to another driver Terry careful to keep an eye on your car. Arguing that it was no big deal since he has nothing of value, but did not want to lose any diesel engine. One night when we were out of Terry, was a bit over the top. I asked my boss always soft skirt over the bottom. I tried to force him, as I said nothing, which made ​​a promise, I fand mysel properly was to deny to the bathroom and lifted the top of my skirt, before releasing a button on my top. I tried to remove the two, but my breasts fell out, that's how deep it was. Terry was effectit was pleased with the customer on the other, but it was veryexcited when we were asked to leave, as the director thought it would be at stake. went overboard and plummeted from a pub, where it became very ztod ztod popular. Terry was very excited and said what a greedy girl, but even if all you asked me. I did not need a compass that will lead to see where the order at the end and I do not want any trouble. Do not wait too long for one of the men ztod say, well, how about lending out? I jumped up and said it ztod was fine, but an all or nothing. Terry was a moment. I trusted him to say, sorry, lost, but then anyone. Instead, he turned to me and said, you better go to the parking area on the turn and get ready Bonner. I put my post and saw Terry talked very much, this for me as I got her panties and gave them to me. About four guys followed me, I do not think it could happen. I turned to them and told them I was a condom machine was running, or tired. ztod I opened my hood and acro waiTed, but not for long. The first began with caution until he heard his heart has grown and about to begin. That touched the ego well and he hit me much harder. As soon as he was replaced either by an older man, but thank God as big as Terry, but he made me come. I do not know how many I have, some I had more than once, but the condom machine is not running and there were plenty of 24 condoms filled the floor beside me. ztod Two of ztod them helped me, they were returned to the bar and drinks for me. I have to say I'm afraid very drunk and bought, had ztod to kiss and tell them they were all great. Terry tried to charge back my underwear, but I have no point. Shortly after a double vodka in my sixth, I went to board the truck, I guess, Terry fuck me. I, t quite the desired effect, because as soon as I finished quickly from the taxi and had to vomit I could not breathe and went up and down the naked truck parking. knew that need away from work and began to think he might be the lucky buyer.
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